Fall 2022 Officers



Kareem Salti, President

Contact: saspresident.sdsu@gmail.com

Kareem is a fourth year Accounting major with a minor in Finance and Information Systems. This past summer, he had the opportunity to complete an Audit internship at KPMG in their San Diego office. He plans to get his CPA after graduating in Spring 2023.

After transferring to SDSU in Fall 2021, Kareem joined SAS and served in the Internal Audit Committee. His experience within the committee allowed him to learn about what goes on behind the scenes and what needs to be improved moving forward. He found his time at SAS to be transformative not only because he got to meet so many great people, but also because it allowed him to grow his network, develop his leadership skills, and grow personally and professionally. In Spring 2022, Kareem ran for the Executive Vice President position and was in charge of running the Mock Interview and Mentorship programs, and representing SAS in the College of Business Council meetings.

As President, he is in charge of planning Meet the Firms, overseeing the executive board, planning meetings, fostering relationships with the campus community and with professionals, and representing the organization. Outside of SAS, Kareem likes to go to the beach, surf, and skateboard. He was also involved in Beta Alpha Psi as their VP of Internal Audit and in Associated Students through the First Year Leadership Initiative Program.


Bryce Busby, Executive Vice President

Contact: saspreselect.sdsu@gmail.com

Bryce Busby is a third year Accounting student and is excited to be interning with RSM in Summer 2023.
Bryce first became involved with SAS during Fall 2021. The following semester, he served as the Vice President of Professional Development and gained valuable insight into the Accounting field. There, he also created lasting connections with both peers and professionals. This semester, Bryce is excited to be the Executive Vice President.

In addition to SAS, Bryce is also an ISA for School of Accountancy. In this position, he helps students understand the material covered in managerial accounting as well as provide a support system for any concerns a student may have. As for Bryce’s interests, he really enjoys professional football and roots for the Minnesota Vikings. Boating and water sports are hobbies he enjoys too. He is very family oriented and loves to be active in any way he can.


Andres Maldonado, Vice President of Membership

Contact: sasmembership.sdsu@gmail.com

Andres is a second year undergraduate SDSU student on campus. His major is accounting and his goal is to hopefully apply for an accounting internship by the end of this school year.

This is his second semester being a part of SAS! Last spring, he joined SAS and got involved by joining the Internal Audit Committee! The Internal Audit Committee for SAS was responsible for interviewing for past officers.

Currently, his favorite musical artists is OneRepublic and The Script. He really love the songs from both groups because they’re very catchy to listen to! His favorite sports teams are the Golden State Warriors, New York Giants, and San Diego Padres. Hopefully, the Padres can make a run for it at the playoffs this year! One of his hidden talents is playing the Clarinet. He played the Clarinet for about four years. He consider myself both an early bird and night owl because some days, he have the dedication to wake up early, while other days he likes watching movies very late at night too. And his favorite campus restaurant at SDSU is Subway because he like sandwiches.


Jordan Riedel, Vice President of Finance

Contact: sasfinance.sdsu@gmail.com

Jordan is a third year accounting student who plans on pursuing the BMACC program and graduating in the Spring of 2025. He plans on recruiting this year for an internship position in the summer of 2023. After graduation, he plans on working in audit at a public accounting firm and obtaining his CPA license.

He first joined SAS in the fall of 2021, and was able to meet many accounting professionals and other accounting students. He also had the opportunity of being the VP of Internal Audit last semester, and now holds the VP of Finance position.

In his free time, he likes to watch TV shows and play video games with his friends. He also really likes to go on early morning hikes and loves trying different kinds of food. He also worked two internships recently, one as a tax intern at a local income tax firm, and another as a finance and accounting intern at a bank.


Narmen Marcus, Vice President of Internal Audit

Contact: sasvpreporting.sdsu@gmail.com

Narmen Marcus is going into her senior year at SDSU. She is majoring in Accounting and minoring in Business Management. She currently works at a family owned firm in Santee as an Accounting Associate. She just recently finished her audit internship with KPMG and she got offered a full time position for next year, so she is looking forward to that. She plans to work in the audit field after graduating and also getting her CPA.

She has been in SAS from August 2021 as a member; in January 2022 she was on the board as the SAS Director of Membership and now as of August 2022 she will be SAS Director of Internal Audit.

She loves to read, run for exercise, and watch FRIENDS!


Sarah Toma, Vice President of Activities

Contact: sasvpactivities.sdsu@gmail.com

Sarah Toma is a fourth year accounting major from San Diego. She has been in SAS for three semesters now. Her accounting experience comes from her last job at Flores Financial and an internship for tax at Lavine Lofgren Morris & Engelberg, a CPA firm she found through Meet the Firms and SAS. Her prior leadership experience comes from high school clubs and extracurriculars. A fun fact about her is that she is terrified of snakes, spiders, and any insect of that nature. She really enjoys traveling and she wants to travel to Europe some day.

Her favorite Holiday is Christmas as it is a time where her whole family comes together. She enjoys Christmas because everyone’s usually so festive. During winter and around Christmas time she usually enjoys watching Christmas movies, her all time favorite being Elf. She also enjoys looking at the beautiful Christmas lights and all the shows. She likes to go to Sea World especially because of the events they have.

Her hobbies outside of school include going out- a lot. She is very outgoing and adventurous. She likes exploring new places, meeting new people, and trying new things. She will usually be found either at the beach or on a mountain. She loves to hike but when she is not hiking, she is either trying new restaurants, or when she is at home she enjoys watching Netflix and cooking as she has a food obsession. Her favorite food is either sushi or pasta but she likes every food and cannot decide on only one. She likes all different kinds of food ranging from Mexican, Middle Eastern, Asian, Chinese, Italian etc. She makes whatever comes to mind and if she doesn’t feel like making it, she goes out and eats.


Gabriel Silva, Vice President of Communications

Contact: sascommunications.sdsu@gmail.com

Gabriel is a third year accounting major from Mozambique and Portugal. This is his second semester in SAS and was Director of Communications last semester. Gabriel recently completed and internship in Mozambique for an investment company as an accounting intern. He plans on taking the BMACC program and after graduating, wants to travel before settling down.

Gabriel is a massive football fan (soccer in the US). His favorite teams are Barcelona and Chelsea and his favorite player is Lionel Messi. He also likes to play soccer in his free time with friends and family. Barcelona is on top of his traveling bucket list and wants to visit the Camp Nou (Barcelona stadium).

His favorite place on campus is Campanile Walkway as he likes to cruise down it and the turtle pond as a perfect study spot. 


Riley Hoofard, Vice President of Professional Development

Contact: sasprofdev.sdsu@gmail.com

Riley Hoofard is entering her third year as an Accounting major with minors in Spanish and Interdisciplinary Studies as part of the honors college. She just completed her first tax internship with Crowe LLP over the summer at the Sacramento office and she really enjoyed it. She plans to stick with tax and has a summer 2023 internship planned with PwC. On campus she works as an accounts receivable assistant for AS and has also done tutoring for ACCTG 201 and 202. After she graduates in 2024, she wants to take time off between May and October to travel and pass the CPA before starting a job full-time.

She joined SAS in Spring 2022 as the director of her current position, so this is only her second semester. In the same semester she joined, she did the whole recruiting process with seven firms. It was a little overwhelming for her to go from knowing nothing about the firms to choosing an internship within a couple of months, but now she wants to help other students through the same thing.

Outside of school she loves baking, cooking, and anything creative. She likes to thrift, exercise, and spend time outside as well. She volunteers at the SD Humane Society, and has been involved with shelters/cat rescue for many years now. Lastly, in the spring she plans to study abroad in Spain and hopes to travel around Europe while she’s there.

Spring 2022 Officers

Left to right: Jordan Riedel (Internal Audit), Thanh Dung Ha (Finance), Natalie Soriano (Communications), Kareem Salti (Executive Vice President), Sarah Toma (Activities), Narmen Marcus (Membership), and Bryce Busby (Professional Development). Not pictured: Makayla Solis (President).

Fall 2021 Officers

Left to right: Keano Lugue (Professional Development), Makayla Solis  (President Elect), Vivian Chau (Communications), Wendy Nguyen (Membership), Natalie Soriano (Internal Audit), Paula Teruya (Activities), Lauren Ho (President), and Naief Aldhafairi (Finance).

Spring 2021 Officers

Michael Liu, President


Lauren Ho, Executive Vice President


Naief Aldhafairi, Vice President of Membership




Ashlie Wakatani, Vice President of Finance


Makayla Solis, Vice President of Internal Audit


Annie Connors, Vice President of Activities





Vanessa Leal, Vice President of Communications


Shayla Hoang, Vice President of Professional Development



Fall 2020 Officers

 Andrew Forsythe, President                


Michael Liu, Executive VP


Vanessa Leal, Membership                




Payton Kyne, Finance


Sunny Situ, Internal Audit                               







Makayla Solis, Activities


Lauren Ho, Communications              


Claire Wu, Professional Development



Spring 2020 Officers

Top row, left to right: Lauren Ho (Communications), Sunny Situ (Membership), Michael Liu (Finance), Andrew Forsythe (President Elect)

Bottom row, left to right: Leanne Do (Activities), Yuan Chen (Internal Audit), Cameron Bronner (Professional Development), Meghan Valdivia (President)

Fall 2019 Officers

Left to right: Michael Liu (Internal Audit), Andrew Forsythe (Professional Development), Cameron Bronner (Finance), Chris Perdio (President), Meghan Valdivia (President Elect), Faith Goh (Communications), Yuan Chen (Activities), and Renee Hobson (Membership).

Spring 2019 Officers

Top row, left to right: Andrew Forsythe (Membership), Amanda Curé (Internal Audit), Meghan Valdivia (Finance), Ximena Campos (Professional Development), and Jadene Juanitas (Communications).
Bottom row, left to right: Chris Perdio (President Elect), Amber Ho (President), and Cameron Bronner (Activities).

Fall 2018 Officers

Left to right: Lani Woods (Finance), Drew Wheeler (Professional Development), Jadene Juanitas (Internal Audit), Yolanda Songvilay (President), Amber Ho (President Elect), Meghan Valdivia (Membership), Julia Mobasser (Activities), and Kathie Tu (Communications).


Spring 2018 Officers

Top row, left to right:  Justin Hasting (Finance), Alex Purcell (Activities), Drew Wheeler (Professional Development), and David Yanke (President).
Bottom row, left to right:  Yolanda Songvilay (President Elect), Simone Leibowitz (Membership), Catherine Fire (Internal Audit), and Amber Ho (Communications).

Fall 2017 Officers

Top row, left to right:  Sharona Tolu (Communications), Beth Salinas (President), Brittany Herr (Professional Development), Simone Leibowitz (Membership), and Samara Shinsato (Internal Audit).
Bottom row, left to right:  Alex Purcell (Activities), David Yanke (President Elect), and Stephen Linn (Finance).  

Former Executive Board Members