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Spring 2021 Membership Points

Fall 2020 Membership Points

Spring 2020 Membership Points

Fall 2019 Membership Points

Spring 2019 Membership Points

Fall 2018 Membership Points

Outstanding Members of Spring 2019:

1.    Catherine Fire, Internal Audit Committee member, Professional Development Committee member, Peer Mentor, & Co-Director of Communications (23 points)
1.    Michael Liu, Internal Audit Committee member (23 points)
2.    Yuan Chen, Mock Interview Committee member (20 points)
2.    Faith Goh, Mock Interview Committee member (20 points)
3.    Samuel Nunez (19 points)

Outstanding Member of Fall 2018:

In Fall 2018, Catherine Fire earned the most points by serving as Director of Internal Audit, joining the Meet The Firms Committee, and attending all but one weekly meetings. She served the Spring 2017 Executive Board as Vice President of Internal Audit, and in the prior semester, she led the Internal Audit Committee as the Director of Internal Audit. Thank you Catherine for your continued support and contributions to the organization!