Spring 2021 Officers

Michael Liu, President

Contact: saspresident.sdsu@gmail.com

Michael is a graduate student at SDSU through the BMACC program with a focus in AIS. He is the current president of SAS and has held positions as the Executive Vice President, VP of Finance, and VP of Internal Audit. Over the past summer, Michael interned at PwC for the Risk Assurance service line and will begin full-time there after graduating. During this semester, and after school ends, Michael plans to pursue his CPA license.

SAS has allowed Michael to connect with classmates, advance his professional career, and gain more experience with leadership positions. When Michael first joined SAS in Fall 2018, he had just transferred over to the Accounting major at the start of his junior year. It was through SAS that he was able to learn about the recruitment process and get help with accounting courses. The help that SAS offered and provided led Michael to run for leadership positions to give back to members and provide help however possible.

Michael currently spends his free time going out to ride his motorcycle or relaxing with friends and family. He began riding near the end of last summer and hopes to continue improving his skills whenever possible. When bowling alleys open up again, he also plans to practice his hooks and spares again.

Lauren Ho, Executive Vice President

Contact: saspreselect.sdsu@gmail.com

Lauren is a third-year Accounting major and MIS minor at SDSU. She plans to pursue her CPA certification after graduating with 150 units in December 2022. Lauren is currently interning with Northrop Grumman in their Business Management sector. She is also very excited to start her tax internship with PwC within their San Diego office this upcoming summer.

Lauren joined SAS in the fall semester of 2019 and was able to grow so much personally and professionally. As the Executive Vice President, she is looking forward to enhancing the virtual meeting experience for members, running a successful peer mentor and mock interview program, and helping plan Meet the Firms!

Besides SAS, Lauren also plays for the SDSU Club Women’s Volleyball team. Even though COVID-19 put a temporary pause on volleyball, she is looking forward to it starting back up again. Outside of school and SAS, Lauren enjoys doing paint-by-numbers, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and cooking!

Naief Aldhafairi, Vice President of Membership

Contact: sasmembership.sdsu@gmail.com

Naief is a third year accounting student at San Diego State University. He plans on obtaining a Master’s degree in accounting upon completing his undergraduate studies. After graduation, Naief plans on obtaining his CPA license and pursuing a career in public accounting.   

This is Naief’s second semester with SAS. He first joined SAS in the Fall of 2020 where he served in the Internal Audit Committee. After that, Naief decided to run for the VP of Membership position to give back to the organization and help its members. This Spring, Naief will be completing an internship with EY Kuwait in their audit service line. He is very excited to learn more about accounting during his internship.

Outside of school, Naief enjoys playing soccer and snowboarding. He also likes listening to music and watching Netflix. His favorite music genre is hip hop.

Ashlie Wakatani, Vice President of Finance

Contact: sasfinance.sdsu@gmail.com

Ashlie Wakatani is the Vice President of Finance and is currently a junior at SDSU. She switched from being a Biochemistry major to Accounting. She hopes to pursue her Master’s degree and work towards earning her CPA license. 

Ashlie joined SAS in the Fall semester of 2020. She is excited to connect with members and ensure the financial success of this organization. She hopes to continue to be on the SAS board after this semester. 

Outside of SAS, Ashlie has also been a member of the Delta Zeta Sorority since her first semester of college. In her free time, Ashlie loves going to the beach and trying new foods! During quarantine, she has picked up the hobby of painting.

Makayla Solis, Vice President of Internal Audit

Contact: sasvpreporting.sdsu@gmail.com

Makayla Solis is a second-year studying accounting at SDSU and pursuing the BMACC program. She joined SAS her first semester, fall 2019, where she not only met amazing people but continues to learn both professional and networking skills.

Currently, Makayla is Vice President of Internal Audit and looking forward to creating a strong Internal Audit committee, where she not only hopes to advance SAS and its members, but teach her committee members new skills during this virtual time.

Residing in her hometown, she is working at RA Sushi Bar & Restaurant and Redline Global Strategies, and as of May 27th, 2020 she has accepted a Launch Internship with Ernst & Young for Summer 2021.

Outside of SAS, school, and work, Makayla enjoys spending her time at the beach with her friends, listening to comedy podcasts, eating pizza and wings, and tending to her beloved plant children. As for a fun fact, she is double-jointed in both her hands and elbows.

Annie Connors, Vice President of Activities

Contact: sasvpactivities.sdsu@gmail.com

Annie Connors is a third-year Accounting major with minors in Business Management and Interdisciplinary studies. She will be pursuing her CPA certification and a career in audit after her graduation in May 2022. She is currently interning at TGG Accounting here in San Diego and is looking forward to her summer internship at PwC in San Francisco. 

Annie joined SAS last semester (Fall 2020) and was on the internal audit committee and was the director for the Executive Vice President. This semester, as VP of Activities, she looks forward to getting to know more about all of our current and new members and playing fun games with everyone online. 

Outside of SAS, Annie is also a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, Women in Business, and Sports Business Initiative. She loves hanging out with her family and friends in San Diego and at home in San Francisco. Her favorite shows to watch with her roommates are Love Island, The Bachelor, and Survivor.

Vanessa Leal, Vice President of Communications

Contact: sascommunications.sdsu@gmail.com

Vanessa is the Vice President of Communications and is in her fourth year at SDSU. She started off as a Mechanical Engineering major but decided to switch to Accounting. She plans to apply to the BMACC program and graduate during the spring semester of 2023. After graduation, she plans to take the CPA exam and wants to work at a great firm.

Vanessa joined SAS in the spring semester of 2019 and has recently become an officer last semester as the Vice President of Membership. She hopes to encourage business students to join SAS to help further their future. Vanessa is ecstatic to be an officer and looks forward to connecting with her fellow members.

Outside of SAS, Vanessa likes to play soccer with her friends and played in the intramural league at SDSU before the pandemic. She has been playing soccer for 17 years and plans on playing for many more. She also likes to spend time with her friends and family. Vanessa is recently re-watching Gilmore Girls for the 5th time, as she admires Rory Gilmore.

Shayla Hoang, Vice President of Professional Development

Contact: sasprofdev.sdsu@gmail.com

Shayla Hoang is a second year at SDSU and plans to pursue the BMACC program as well as earn her CPA certification after graduation. She joined SAS in the Spring of 2020 and hopes to help students navigate their careers as the Vice President of Professional Development for this Spring semester.

Shayla currently is employed as a barista at Camellia Rd Tea Bar and also has two small businesses of her own. She hopes to open her own clothing line after establishing her career as a public accountant.

Aside from school and SAS, Shayla likes to watch movies, listen to R&B music, and dance with her dance team. During quarantine, she has learned how to skateboard and use a sewing machine. A fun fact about her is that she is an enamel pin collector!

Fall 2020 Officers

 Andrew Forsythe, President                







Michael Liu, Executive VP







Vanessa Leal, Membership                







Payton Kyne, Finance







Sunny Situ, Internal Audit                               








Makayla Solis, Activities








Lauren Ho, Communications              







Claire Wu, Professional Development







Spring 2020 Officers

Top row, left to right: Lauren Ho (Communications), Sunny Situ (Membership), Michael Liu (Finance), Andrew Forsythe (President Elect)

Bottom row, left to right: Leanne Do (Activities), Yuan Chen (Internal Audit), Cameron Bronner (Professional Development), Meghan Valdivia (President)

Fall 2019 Officers

Left to right: Michael Liu (Internal Audit), Andrew Forsythe (Professional Development), Cameron Bronner (Finance), Chris Perdio (President), Meghan Valdivia (President Elect), Faith Goh (Communications), Yuan Chen (Activities), and Renee Hobson (Membership).

Spring 2019 Officers

Top row, left to right: Andrew Forsythe (Membership), Amanda Curé (Internal Audit), Meghan Valdivia (Finance), Ximena Campos (Professional Development), and Jadene Juanitas (Communications).
Bottom row, left to right: Chris Perdio (President Elect), Amber Ho (President), and Cameron Bronner (Activities).

Fall 2018 Officers

Left to right: Lani Woods (Finance), Drew Wheeler (Professional Development), Jadene Juanitas (Internal Audit), Yolanda Songvilay (President), Amber Ho (President Elect), Meghan Valdivia (Membership), Julia Mobasser (Activities), and Kathie Tu (Communications).


Spring 2018 Officers

Top row, left to right:  Justin Hasting (Finance), Alex Purcell (Activities), Drew Wheeler (Professional Development), and David Yanke (President).
Bottom row, left to right:  Yolanda Songvilay (President Elect), Simone Leibowitz (Membership), Catherine Fire (Internal Audit), and Amber Ho (Communications).

Fall 2017 Officers

Top row, left to right:  Sharona Tolu (Communications), Beth Salinas (President), Brittany Herr (Professional Development), Simone Leibowitz (Membership), and Samara Shinsato (Internal Audit).
Bottom row, left to right:  Alex Purcell (Activities), David Yanke (President Elect), and Stephen Linn (Finance).  

Former Executive Board Members